Abidjan 2017

Jeux de la Francophonie

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  • 21-30July 2017

    AbidjanCôte d’Ivoire

    • Original dance

      Original Dance

      Photo: CIJF Patrick Lazic – Niger

    • Storytelling


      Photo: CIJF Patrick Lazic – Stéphane Guertin, Canada

    • Hip-Hop (dance)

      Hip-Hop (dance)

      Photo: CIJF Patrick Lazic – Congo Brazzaville

    • Giant Puppets

      Giant Puppets

      Photo: CIJF Patrick Lazic – Burkina Faso

    • Freestyle Ball

      Freestyle Ball

      Photo: CIJF Patrick Lazic – Burkina Faso

    • Sustainable development

      Sustainable Development Creation

      Photo: Canadian Heritage / Patrimoine canadien

    • Digital creation

      Digital Creation (VJing)

      Photo: CIJF Patrick Lazic

    • Song


      Photo: CIJF Patrick Lazic – Nice

    • Painting


      Photo: CIJF Patrick Lazic – Gabon

    • sculpture


      Photo: CIJF Patrick Lazic – Macedonia

    • Photography


      Photo: Canadian Heritage / Patrimoine canadien

    • Literature

      Literature (short stories)

      Photo: CIJF Patrick Lazic – Burundi

The abc's of Les Jeux

  • Participation is more important than winning.

  • Les Jeux de la Francophonie 2017, an arts and sports competition, will take place in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. Exceptional artists, ages 18 to 35, from around the world will rival for the honour of taking home gold, silver or bronze medals.

    These games aren’t just a competition. For the artists, they are a golden opportunity (with or without a medal) to break onto the international scene.

  • “Participation is more important than winning” has never been truer.

    For Canada, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase the unique talents of our own young artists. 2017 marks Canada’s 150th birthday and young artists will be celebrating throughout La Francophonie.

And the
finalists are...

  • Finalists

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    Peer Assessors

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  • The Canada Council for the Arts and Canadian Heritage joined forces to preselect the artists for Team Canada at the 2017 Games.

    Coordinated by the Canada Council, juries of professional artists from across Canada reviewed 229 applications and preselected 32 candidates.

    This preselection will be submitted to a jury of the International Games Committee,

  • which will make the final selection of artists who will be part of Team Canada. All participating countries and governments submit their list of finalists to this international jury.

    Congrats to our finalists, and best of luck in the final round!

    1 800 263-5588 ext. 4127


Jeux de la Francophonie;
a Life Changing Experience

Stéphane Guertin is a Canadian storyteller and 2013 Games of La Francophonie gold medal winner. Listen to his story about how the Games changed his life.

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